You are

Software Developers, Product Managers, QA Engineers, Designers, Delivery Managers, Scrum Masters
You are great at what you do.
We know it, and you know it too.

But unfortunately, you are being forced to spend your workdays chasing people to get things done. You are chased by people who want you to do tasks outside of your responsibilities, blocked by unclear requirements.

You have to participate in lengthy meetings - which lead nowhere, and you are forced to constantly go back and forth, and ask for clarifications on what should be done next, and how. 
This is TOXIC.

When we started STATEWIZE, we envisaged workplaces people enjoy coming to, where they’d be seen, heard, and appreciated.
Where they would be satisfied with what their day-to-day looks like.

That is precisely what we are here to do for you, one company at a time.

We believe that peak performance can only be achieved by true collaboration, one that empowers individuals instead of trampling them down.

This is the guiding principle we follow in each and every feature we add to the STATEWIZE platform.

We want you unchained and your creativity unleashed.

It’s not just doable, it’s unavoidable.