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no DevOps required

QA anything, in just a few clicks

until now 😫


dependency on Devs / Ops

you want to test something,
but you are forced to ask someone to deploy it.

and then you wait.

deploy and test in a click

CI/CD, continuous integration and deployment without DevOps
gain true independence and control.
deploy any version to any environment.

just a few clicks to freedom.

go figure

this doesn't tell you anything.
neither what lead to the issue, nor what the output was.

you find yourself guessing.

complexity made simple

even complex flows can be simple,
all you need is context and transparency.

stop guessing, simply see what caused what, and why.

so many tools

Architecture, whiteboards, log streams, AWS serverless, lambda and more - forget about using all of them!
how much time do you spend on
juggling between systems?

how much context is lost on the way?

AIO ecosystem

manage everything in one place.
from assigning team members,
to viewing code logs and execution context.

your day-to-day can, nay should, be fun!

all in one PaaS

Invite your team members, build systems from POCs and MVPs to production and enterprise grade software
easy to use, visual, efficient.

free sign-up,
no commitment