Be a know-it-all.

Insights like never before. Reduce churn, increase conversion, that's it.

Optimize by knowing

Use real data from real customers to understand what is working, and what should be optimized

Ultimate support

See how your customer got to their current state, and help them out without developers involved

Unity your teams

The oldest & most common language - is visual. Bring this to your team, and eliminate all barriers.


Why pay for what you don't need?
With STATEWIZE you can choose to only pay for what you use

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See your users like never before.

Truly real-time analytics and reporting of what each customer is doing right now, on the same whiteboard where you planned their journey in the first place.

That's data that makes sense,
that's how you fix stuff before it breaks.

Visual planning of all tracking events

Building your own tracking pipelines - sucks.
It's textual, it's boring, and it's too easy to make mistakes.

Visual collaboration means everyone can tune-in, and work together to make the product great and the reporting simple and safe.
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plan perfect UX
reduce churn
increase conversion

A central hub for sending events

Integrate once, and automatically send events to your other analytics and monitoring tools - without any additional dev effort or releases.
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Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to start from scratch?

No. You can work on existing projects, and simply plan & track the journeys you are interested in, at your own pace and without redoing anything.

Does STATEWIZE replace my project management tools?

No. STATEWIZE is built to manage the product, not the project, making it the last missing piece of the puzzle in today's planning and monitoring stacks.
You can link issues on Jira, Trello, Monday or others with STATEWIZE by deep linking journeys, states, etc. You can also add external links both to STATEWIZE planning and analytics stages, so that you will always have the full picture.

Can I use STATEWIZE with other monitoring tools?

Yes, you are free to use STATEWIZE alongside Google Analytics, MixPanel or any other platform you like. Not only that, but STATEWIZE actually integrates with other analytics tools, allowing you to manage events via the STATEWIZE dashboard, instead of having to ask engineers to integrate with every single analytics tool independently.

I'm already using Miro, why do I need STATEWIZE?

Miro is an amazing whiteboard for drawing and planning virtually anything - and that's precisely what it is - a static whiteboard. If all you need is to plan something once - go for Miro!
However, if you need a place where everything is connected and always up-to-date - from your actual product through your project management and analytics tools - STATEWIZE would probably be a better fit. With STATEWIZE - everyone stays in the loop while working efficiently and independently.

Which data can I see about my customers?

By default, you will see how every customer progresses through every step of the journey, and will be able to monitor the duration of time spent on every step, as well as the final outcome of that step. In addition, you can report ANY DATA YOU LIKE. It's up to you. You can send screenshots, video recordings, logs, JSONs, objects, texts, anything you like.

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