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prototyping & innovation

under 5 minutes

innovation shouldn't be hard or expensive

until now 😫


obsolete architecture

a clunky diagram, obsolete from the moment of creation,
yet used as the ultimate source of truth for the context of your code.

no one updates or maintains it,
completely detached from the code it describes.

architecture is alive

architecture and code co-existing in perfect harmony,
created using visual drag & drop components.

always up-to-date, defining the code by creation.
versioning, comments and assignments included.

painful integration

100+ pages of convoluted docs,
exactly the way you want to spend your time. NOT.

forcing you to amend your code and architecture.

1 function call

1 function call, thanks to our SDKs and CLI.
sync or async, promises or webhooks.

no-frills integration with exiting codebases under 5 minutes.

straight to the bin

POCs and prototypes end up in the bin.
then, development starts again from scratch.

isn't that the ultimate waste of time and money?

1 click to production

production-grade serverless architecture,
capable of even the most complex use-cases.

prototype to production, same code, a few clicks.

all in one PaaS

Invite your team members, build systems from POCs and MVPs to production and enterprise grade software
easy to use, visual, efficient.

free sign-up,
no commitment