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Backend code running in the cloud, as and when requested.

Traditionally, a frontend application (or website, or even a smart home device) communicates with a backend service hosted in the cloud.

Serverless is the next step for backend services - no hardware maintenance required, no hosting fees, and a usage-based billing model 👌

You just code and run.

Trigger STATEWIZE flows directly from your existing backend or frontend application

STATEWIZE is an ecosystem for managing, developing and executing serverless backend applications.

Accessible to anyone in the business, serverless functions become easy-to-follow flows using a visual whiteboard.

STATEWIZE brings the serverless future to the present.


no longer seprated.

animation illustrating the creation and connection of new states on statewize
draw your backend,
code right there,




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    real-time visual debugging
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    easy at any scale
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    up & running in 5 minutes
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    for everyone in your company
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    templates for common cases
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    new and existing products
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    SDK integration in 3 steps
  • and more!
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    impossible to debug
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    unmanageable even at medium scale
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    difficult to adopt
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    engineers oriented only
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    start from scratch every time

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