R&D teams ditched generic whiteboards, and so did you

R&D teams ditched generic whiteboards, and so did you

You’ve already ditched your generic whiteboard - you just don’t know it yet. 

If you’re reading this you probably think this is quite a bold statement to make, but one that we stand behind 100% and before I’ll go to why I’m saying that you’ve already ditched your generic whiteboard I want to ask you one single question - what do you use your whiteboard for?

Well, it’s obvious, you’re using it for planning purposes; be it feature planning, scrum board or sync meetings, because what else could you possibly do with a whiteboard?!

Yes, these are all good practices, however all these soon lose their meanings the moment you are done planning, and why is that? That’s because your team members have already forgotten what the meeting was about, closed the whiteboard tab and moved on with their lives. They will only come back to the whiteboard when the next meeting is due, so why do it in the first place?

The answer to this of course is ‘so we can collaborate and create something together, get everyone on the same page’, however you’re not all really on the same page are you? As a product manager you’d still be approached for clarifications about things already clarified in the meeting, and as a developer you’re already focused on this one very specific task you have to do that all the instructions about the business side are completely forgotten, and with good reason. 

The reason is that generic whiteboards fail you. They fail you because they provide solutions for collaborating where you already are collaborating, instead of offering new ways to collaborate where you’ve never truly collaborated before, and this is where we come in. We offer R&D teams new ways to collaborate, not only during sync or planning meetings, but throughout the entire product lifecycle. From ideation to development, from testing to production and user monitoring, R&D teams use STATEWIZE to really get everyone on the same page.

By giving each discipline a reason to work with our whiteboard, everything stays always 100% up to date so there are no more discrepancies and no need to juggle 10 open tabs just to clarify a single issue. Developers can ideate together, product managers can share their vision, QA engineers can test all the edge cases and support staff can provide bespoke service to each of your users, because when we say ‘get everyone on the same page’, we really mean everyone.

So now is the time to take a plunge and do once and for all what you’ve already been doing on a daily basis- ditching the generic whiteboard, and move to our whiteboard for R&D. Collaborate like never before.