Our favourite Headspace meditations for Mondays

Our favourite Headspace meditations for Mondays

  1. Taking a 3-10 minutes break - yes we know, this is a meditation designed for the middle of the workday, but we all know Mondays are different. Sometimes you just need a little break before facing the new week. So sit down somewhere comfortable and quiet, close your eyes, and breathe.

  2. Engage your senses for 4 minutes - This one is lush in how it makes you appreciate every single sip of your coffee ☕️. The entire experience of drinking coffee is amplified, just by turning your focus onto the different sensory inputs! The aromas, the textures, the flavour, the warmth, all wrapping you in its wholesomeness and giving you an opportunity to really savour your little ‘me time’, anytime during the day.
  3. Energising 10 minutes - Mondays are especially hard as we tend to be a little resistant to the beginning of a new week and would really like the weekend to linger. This short session will teach you how to get yourself over the line and really put to work your newly recharged batteries. Find your inner inspiration and be the productive self you are (and that we admire 🤩).
  4. Sports | Concentration 10 minutes - although this one is listed under the sports meditations category, we highly recommend this short meditation for us - non sportspeople techies, as this meditation helps letting go of whatever it is that’s been bothering you, whether its past events or expectations about the future. This one helps you find focus and concentrate on the here and the now.

Let go of whatever happened during the weekend in a healthy way, and be the productive self - on a Monday!