Launching our SaaS lifetime plan

Launching our SaaS lifetime plan

As a person living in the digital age, you are surely familiar with the standard pricing models that SaaS products usually offer; A monthly plan, with the final monthly price depending on features, seats, or the level of support you get.

While this is indeed the standard, we believe that there is a better and fairer way.

First, let me ask you a question. When was the last time you actually bought software?

Not subscribed to a service,

Not set up a direct debit,

Not committed to some monthly repayments,

But actually PURCHASED software?

Most likely - the last time it happened - was a very very long time ago, yet what a sweet feeling that was?
Buying a game you really wanted, which then became yours FOREVER.

Buying that piece of software on a DVD (or even a few CDs!) which no one, literally no one could take away from you. 

We believe that in today’s digital world, there is room for such a pricing model, which offers you to buy and own software once again.

It’s better. You’re getting a lifetime commitment for updates, you’re getting lifetime access for you and your whole team regardless of your scale, and you’re helping out the vendor (that’s us!) to keep innovating, supporting and creating for you and your team.

So you may think “but wait, what about events - they cost money don’t they?”

Fair question, our dear reader! We believe that we should only charge for what costs us, and not for something that’s essentially free. For example, seats are free, so why charge for seats?

While events - indeed incur costs, so we offer fair & transparent usage-based pricing, where you would only pay for what you use.

And as an added bonus to thank you for your support by purchasing the lifetime plan - we include 10,000 free events for you every month.

So, how about owning a piece of the future, for you and your team, forever?

Something that nobody can take away from you?

Join us here: - SaaS lifetime plan