Python 3.8 has arrived

In addition to NodeJS 12, STATEWIZE now supports creating serverless functions written in Python.

Let's take a look at an example.

Create a new state, and choose "Serverless function":

Create a new state

Now, let's choose the Python logo:

Choosing Python

This will open a code editor, right in the browser!

Code editor in the browser

Use the "Search" bar at the bottom left in order to install packages directly from Pypa.

Once you are happy with your Python code, click on "Build" in order to prepare your function for execution.

In order to form a flow, connect your "root" state to the Python state:

connect root to python

Once the function build is complete, a green tick ✅ will appear above the name. This means that the function is now ready to be executed.

Let's execute our flow and see the output:

Python execution in real time

That's it! Done, your flow now incorporates a Python serverless function.

Remember - each flow can have serverless functions written in different languages, so you don't have to constraint yourself to just one! 🥂

Is there a programming language you would like us to introduce? 

Get in touch and let us know!

STATEWIZE is free to use, and there is no credit card required!

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