You deserve some peace of mind

When everyone is on the same page and data is transparent and accurate - everything just falls into place.

Full user journeys

There are tons of project management tools.
Are you confident that your team sees the full picture, and understands it?

Know your customers

From macro to micro,
you get to see your customers progress,
all their interactions with your product.

See what they see

Using rich attachments from the frontend, see your platform through your customers' eyes, and solve issues in no time.

Breathing documentation

Tickets are meaningless without context.
Give your team an always-breathing, always-alive documentation.

High-level planning

From the first click to the last API call, give your whole team the full picture so they can deliver the right outputs.

Show you're in control

Your clients, executives, investors and managers are always stressed about your product. Show them you've got this.

A new perspective


Monitoring per user
Events laid out as journeys
Free + usage-based plans
100% of your customers
100% of your events
Complete self-service


Only general trends/reports
Incomprehensible data
High, bundled pricing
Limited # of users
Limited # of events
Forced sales calls

"this is like a new level of monitoring that we always needed"
- Naomi, Product Lead

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Contact us.

Can I use STATEWIZE with other monitoring tools?

Yes, you are free to use STATEWIZE alongside Google Analytics, MixPanel or any other platform you like. Our mission is to build the best tool for you, our customer, and to NOT limit you or force you to change things. So STATEWIZE will never force you to use it exclusively, and won't force you to learn a new language, build reports or segment your customers.

Does STATEWIZE replace my project management tools?

No. STATEWIZE is built to manage the product, not the project, making it the last missing piece of the puzzle in today's planning and monitoring stacks.
You can link issues on Jira, Trello, Monday or others with STATEWIZE by deep linking journeys, states, etc. You can also add external links both to STATEWIZE planning and analytics stages, so that you will always have the full picture.

Which platforms are supported?

Planning happens purely on STATEWIZE, so no support issues there.
Analytics and events reporting are currently supported with any platform that "speaks" Javascript - so NodeJS, React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, or any other javscript-based runtime.
You can report events from web, mobile IoT devices and servers. Reporting is supported both from backend and the frontend. That's the only way to see the full journey experienced by your customers, start to finish, breaking the barriers of technology.

Which data can I see about my customers?

By default, you will see how every customer progresses through every step of the journey, and will be able to monitor the duration of time spent on every step, as well as the final outcome of that step. In addition, you can report ANY DATA YOU LIKE. It's up to you. You can send screenshots, video recordings, logs, JSONs, objects, texts, anything at all.

Can I host it myself?

Yes. STATEWIZE is currently offered as a cloud service, but if you would like a self-hosted solution, in your cloud or on-prem, please get in touch and we will make sure to accommodate your needs.

Fair & transparent pricing

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UNLIMITED journeys
UNLIMITED teammates
1 month retention
1,000 attachments
1,000 events included

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UNLIMITED journeys
UNLIMITED teammates
3 months retention
30,000 attachments
Up to 150k events / month
Usage-based pricing

fixed price

UNLIMITED journeys
UNLIMITED teammates
6 months retention
50,000 attachments
200k events included

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