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Serverless made simple illustration
STATEWIZE - a visual software development platform, where you architect and code using javascript and python right in the browser
STATEWIZE is a visual ecosystem
for product & software development

I'm a...

development that makes sense


a complete mess

Instead of a whiteboard, AWS, Lambda, logs, IDE or VS Code

you were forced to guess what your code did,
you had to use 4+ different systems,
you didn't always have logs,

that was painful.

your future

full control

Use the STATEWIZE web canvas to code, debug, deploy and host your backend application

SEE your code running in real time, no guessing.
1 ecosystem for everything, no DevOps.
business context embedded from the start.

give your backend SUPERPOWERS.

building backends
in 3 steps


using drag & drop configurable units on the team's whiteboard

Drag & Drop to create an execution flow
Write javascript and python code in the same place, or in your IDE

in JS or Python right in the browser or from your IDE


bring your backend to life.
visual, real-time, no DevOps.

Execute your code in the browser. Real time state machines!
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improved delivery
with fewer meetings

for everyone,
at any stage.

your backend comes to life

don't guess what your backend does,
see it instead.